Rapala Team

Tim Morgan

13 Fishing | Rapala Team | STAFF

Favorite Species/ technique /style of fishing

Australian Bass on Surface and Jerk Baits

Favorite fishing location?

Rivers and Impoundments of South East Queensland

How did you get into fishing?

Dad and Grand Father.  Earliest memories are fishing in the canals of the Gold Coast with unweighted Mullet Gut on Alvey reels.

Why you love fishing?

I have always loved it but my real obsession started when I was about thirteen and caught my first fish on a lure.  It was a Flathead in the North Arm of the Brunswick River on a Silver 5cm Rapala Shad Rap a lure that is still available today.

Greatest fishing memory?

Too many to name.  Fishing has taken me all over the world so there are so many great memories be it catching a new Target Species or cracking that new PB they are all pretty special.  Best memories now is passing the information onto my son and seeing his firsts and PB’s and making his own memories that will last a life time.

Favorite Rapala Product?

So many favorites as Rapala makes a lure for every situation.  Be it throwing a Skitter Pop in Hinze Dam for that adrenalin pumping surface strike or Deep Cranking Somerset with a DT20 or throwing a XRAP Magnum Cast off the beach chasing that XOS Tailor or getting my PB Barra (125cm) down the Gold Coast on a XRAP Peto Rapala has a product that will cover you for any fishing situation.

Have you fished in any Tournaments?

I was lucky enough to fish many ABT Bream and Bass Tournament over the past 20 Years and have a fair amount of Success with Multiple round wins a few Bream AOY wins a Bream and Bass Grand Final Win a AFC win and also a Win as Champion Visiting Team at a Barra Classic in the NT.  One of my most memorable tournaments was the Bass Grand Final prize was a trip the US to fish Lake Mead for the US Open and managed a top 10 as a Co Angler.  It was a great experience.