Rapala Team

Rapala Trophy Hunters

The Rapala Trophy Hunter App allows you to share your success and join the Rapala Fishing community as you try to catch those trophy species Australia wide on Rapala lures.

To join simply download the free Rapala Trophy Hunter App to your phone or device from the App Store and create a profile. Once your profile is created you can start uploading your catches and compete with the rest of Australia to be Rapala’s Angler of the Year. Remember the fish must be caught on a Rapala lure to qualify and clearly shown in the photo.

There are 17 different species categories to chase from all over Australia. Once you catch that ‘Trophy Fish’ and upload your photo into the App, Rapala Australia will verify the image and send you the corresponding Limited Edition Trophy Hunter Badge for that species. Please practice correct fish handling techniques where possible.


Within the Rapala Trophy Hunter App you will also find species galleries for all 17 categories so you can see what Rapala lures are working on ‘trophy fish’ in your area. There is also a live scoreboard so you can compete with your mates or see who is leading in your area.

Rapala Australia will also be giving away over $5000.00 worth of prizes at the end of the year. The angler that records the longest fish in each category will receive a $200 Rapala species specific prize pack. The angler that collects the most badges by the 13th December 2024 will earn themselves the coveted title as Rapala’s Trophy Hunters Angler of the Year for 2024 and take home a $2000 Rapala prize pack.



Make sure you sign up as soon as possible as we will giving away $100 Rapala Lure packs to random anglers that have signed up to the App over the next few months.