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Wade Grennan

13 Fishing | Rapala Team

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Favorite Species/ technique /style of fishing

That is an easy question, Australian Bass on bait cast gear, drifting an area with lots of structure.


Favorite fishing location? 

Clarence River NSW, although it is a massive river system it has so much area to explore and can be difficult to work out at times but we go alright.


How did you get into fishing? 

Same as my brother Nate, in the tinny with Mum and Dad chasing fish in the estuary.


Why do you love fishing? 

I reckon it has to be better than school, and it's always an adventure, some days good some bad but if you learn to put in the effort you get the results.


Greatest fishing memory? 

Probably this Bass season, started off with the first two fish being 50 and 51cm happy with that.


Favorite Rapala Product?

The new Elite range of lures, in both Shad Raps 75 and the Countdown 75 , awesome finish and action and probably my go to Bass lure.


Have you fished any Tournaments?

No, not as yet but will consider any offers.