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Nate Grennan

13 Fishing | Rapala Team

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Favorite Species/ technique /style of fishing?

My favorite species would have to be Murray Cod, my favorite technique would be throwing lures in low light, doesn't matter if you think you're paying attention they always catch you out.

Favorite fishing location? 

My local area of Glen Innes has looked after us very well, close to home and every trip is different.

How did you get into fishing? 

Started fishing from an early age with Mum and Dad in the tinny chasing flathead , guess it just went from there.

Why do you love fishing? 

For myself and a lot others the peace of being on or near the water, and the joy of watching released fish swim away ready to do battle another day.

Greatest fishing memory?

Definitely catching my first big cod. 99.5cm in my kayak on my own, in the dark, awesome.

Favorite Rapala Product?

We have had a lot of success using the Rapala X-Rap Otis and Rapala X-Rap Peto, they cast like a bullet and let you work the entire water column, a very versatile lure.

Have you fished any Tournaments?

No, I haven't been lucky enough yet but hopefully in the future for sure.