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Matthew Langford

13 Fishing | Rapala Team

Instagram: @matthew_langford / @australian_freshwater_charters Facebook: Matthew Langford – Australian Fishing / Australian Freshwater Fishing Charters Youtube: Matthew Langford – Australian Fishing

Favourite Species/ technique /style of fishing

I love chasing Australian Bass, fishing heavy structure with my 13 Fishing Concept bait-caster gear and Switchfreak Millerod throwing skirted jigs on heavy line.


Favourite fishing location?

Lake Cania or any bass impoundment with a lot of variety in structure and fishing opportunity.


How did you get into fishing?

My dad Bill Langford taught me everything he knew about Yellow belly and Murry cod on the banks of the Balonne River at St George QLD. I moved onto competition fishing later in life after developing an interest watching Australian Fishing Championships and Australian Bass Tournaments.


Why do you love fishing?

I’ve been fishing since I was 2 and every trip is different from the last. There are so many environmental factors to consider when working out how to catch the species you are targeting. The number of techniques current and emerging keeps you constantly learning and adapting trying to work out the right techniques or lure is the greatest challenge I love.


Greatest fishing memory?

I have so many memories its hard to pick just one. Fishing the Australian Fishing Championships series with Mitchell Cone and winning 4 x Angler of the Year trophies stand out but in the end some of the fondest memories I have is fishing with my dad. These family memories will stay with me forever.

Favorite Rapala Product?

Its hard to choose just one Rapala product so I will give you 3. When it comes to deep water cranking it’s hard to go past the Rapala DT20. These get deep and stay in the strike zone and stay there. Ideal for tricking the biggins in the larger impoundments. When I am fishing structure like timber edges or rocky banks I tie on the BX Brat 06. This square bill crank is ideal for fishing tight to structure and has done well for me in the river tournaments. Finally if I need a finesse jerkbait to fish weed edges or shallow water the Rapala X-Rap 06 has always produced. The erratic twitching action paired with subtle wiggle is a match made in heaven.


Have you fished any Tournaments?

A couple lol. I have fished in countless competitions and have been the Australian Angler of the Year 4 times and won many other tournaments in a variety of different Australian Bass series. It’s a dream of mine to head over and fish the American Bass Tournaments one day.