Rapala Team

Mick Horn

13 Fishing | Rapala Team | STAFF

Favorite Species/ technique /style of fishing

My Favorite species is a hard one to choose as I love chasing all types of fish but if I had to choose it would be either Mangrove Jacks or Barra

It does not matter what species you’re targeting but any fish on topwater is hard to beat as its visual and that explosion from an aggressive strike is something you will always remember.


Favorite fishing location?

My Favorite location would be the Mann, Nymboida and Clarence Systems as the location is not only about the fishing it is the experience, location, and journey along a river with your mates when the fish is just the bonus


How did you get into fishing?

I got into to fishing as at a young age as my dad loved his fishing as well. I spent many mornings and nights fishing off the beach for tailor and long cold nights chasing bream at the Pin. I have so many great memories of this and its awesome I have followed my old man’s footsteps and I have shared the same things with my young bloke over the last 20 years, as he is now also a keen young fisho as well


Why you love fishing?

The never-ending learning and achieving your own personal goals along the way is what excites me about fishing. I am always thinking about new techniques locations and different species to target

Also, I get to spend quality time outdoors in our great backyard wherever it may be and to share this and the experiences with my partner kids which is awesome


Greatest fishing memory?

I have many great moments throughout my career in fishing but prob the 1 that started the obsession with lure fishing and targeting mangrove jack was 30 years ago my first Jack on a Hardbody lure …I lost a lot of lures before this happened but since then the never ending want to learn and explore everything about fishing is still just as strong today


Favorite Rapala Product?

2 products which stand out for me would be the Super Shad Rap as I tried for many years to get my first Gold Coast Metre Barra and first time using this lure, I achieved that goal and was pretty stoked. The second would be the New Shad Rap elite 75 as again it was a lure on first day of testing within 40 min got a Double on 2 big Goldy Jacks and can see many more throughout the new season to come


Have you fished any Tournaments?

I have fished tournaments over many years and had some high and lows doing so.

Had several wins and top 10 over those years but the standout win for me was the ABT Clarence Super Series round where I won in a very large field of great anglers

Few other wins that I will never forget, and great memories have been Team events where I have won several events on different occasions with my dad my son and my partner.