Rapala Team

Luke Souter

13 Fishing

Instagram: Luke_souter

Favorite Species/ technique /style of fishing

Can't go past casting swimbaits along shallow banks for big Murray cod in the middle of winter. Hard to go past chasing cod in the shallows.

Favorite fishing location?

it would have to be Wyangala Dam for me, massive cod and yellowbelly and perfect edge bite.

How did you get into fishing?

My Father Introduced me into fishing at a very young age.

Why you love fishing?

Fishing for me is a sport that that pushes the mind and the body to continuously to work hard at achieving better results. The satisfaction when rewarded with a targeted species is what I find to be the key. Even those slow days on the water can sometime help clear the mind.

Greatest fishing memory?

2 memories stand out to me, the first is an early morning solo session at Wyangala Dam where I landed a 130cm Murray cod.

The second memory is a New Zealand trip with some great mates where we went up to the three kings chasing king fish.

Favorite Rapala/ 13 Fishing Product?

It would have to be the 13 Fishing Concept TX3 reel.

Have you fished in any Tournaments?

Competed in both yellow belly and Murray cod AYC Fishing Tournaments.

Eldorado fishing comp in New Zealand bay of islands.