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Adam Sharam

13 Fishing | Rapala Team

Instagram: adzys_fishing

Facebook: Adam Sharam freshwater fishing


Favorite Species/ Technique /Style of fishing

My favourite species to target would have to be either Murray cod or trout, both species are challenging and rewarding fish to target and keep you on your game.


Favorite fishing location?

Macquarie river in NSW.


How did you get into fishing?

I began my fishing journey fishing with my dad and uncle when I was young.


Why do you love fishing?

I enjoy the thrill of the challenge, targeting species with different techniques and trying to figure out what will get the next bite. I also love the areas it takes you, spending time in the bush, hiking, exploring, and camping with mates is a what make fishing a passion and not just a hobby.


Greatest fishing memory?

One memory that stands out is catching multiple meter plus Murray Cod from the kayak during a single morning session on the river.


Favorite Rapala Product?

Its hard to decide between the Rapala X-Rap Countdown for trout, they can’t resist it and the 13 Fishing Concept TX3. This reel has allowed me to fish faster and more efficient. The 40lbs of drag also helps putting the brakes on the big cod.


Have you fished in any Tournaments?

Australian Yellowbelly Championships Freshwater Series

Australian Yellowbelly Championships Murray Cod Rounds

Grabine Classic

Kingfisher Invitational