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  • Rapala Levis reels fit the weekend anglers needs yet embody everything that their more expensive cousins and the Rapala brand represent. A graphite skeleton body provides stiffness to reduce twisting under heavy loads and maintain perfect gear mesh and alignment. A ported alloy spool houses an oiled felt drag system that delivers consistent and smooth performance across the whole drag spectrum. A CNC screw-in gear handle assembly maintains the feel of a much higher end reel and the oversize bail also aids to this sturdy and solid feel. Available in 20, 40 and 60 sizes there is a Levis reel to suit all sorts of Australian fishing scenarios.
  • • Graphite skeleton body
    • Ported alloy spool 
    • Screw-in gear handle assembly
    • Oversize bail wire
    • Available in 20, 40 and 60 sizes.
    • 5+1 ball bearings



  • Model No. Ball Bearings Gear Ratio Mono Capacity Max Drag
    LE-20 5+1 5.4:1 200/3kg 5kg
    LE-40 5+1 6.0:1 200/5kg 6kg
    LE-60 5+1 5.7:1 200/7kg 7kg

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